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Basic  Marinating

First things first. What is marinating and how does it enhance your food preparation?
Marinating is simply the soaking of any food in a liquid that may season and/or tenderize. Pirate's Gold does both; season and tenderize.

Many marinades take a long time to do their job. Sometimes many hours or overnight. Pirate's Gold will quickly marinate fish or shrimp in 10-15 minutes, beef 15-25 minutes, pork and poultry 30 minutes and wild game 1 hour. These times are minimums and of course you can marinate for longer periods of time, it will just enhance the flavor. Remember, the longer you marinate with
Inferno the hotter it will taste.

One 16-oz. bottle of Pirate's Gold will marinate up to 16 pounds of food. Always marinate foods in glass, porcelain or plastic containers; never in aluminum bowls, which react to acid. A ziplock style plastic bag is ideal. For best economy use containers that fit the size and quantity of the products you are marinating. Pour enough Pirate's Gold Marinade to coat food, turn several times to distribute marinade evenly. Always refrigerate marinating foods, even for short periods of time. Discard any unused marinade that has come in contact with raw meat. Use only fresh marinade, hot or cold, for dipping and basting.

Grilling, broiling, smoking and sautéing are the best ways to prepare marinated foods. These methods tend to best lock-in the flavor of the marinade. Baking is not a recommended cooking method because the process tends to extract the marinade from the food.

Tropical Juice Ingredients for Pirates' Gold Marinade

Garlic, Red Chili and Spices



Excellent Seafood Marinade



Excellent Beef Marinade








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